My name is Jian Ping. You can call me Ah Bing [阿彬]. Some gwai lou prefer to call me Daniel.

About Ah Bing

Born: April 3, 1985

Home Town: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia

Education: Diploma in Computer Hardware and Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting) 2002-03′. Diploma in Business Studies (General) 2005-06′. Degree in Business Studies (Major: International Business and Marketing as second major). Currently pursuing Masters Studies in Professional Accounting.

I like: Draught beer, all sorts of geek stuffs, the internet, books, online games, Linkin Park, fishing, blog and girls :mrgreen:

Dislike: Console games. Dislike the idea of playing games alone. I am pretty much a happy go round person :-D

Brief History

I have been blogging since 2005. Started off with Angelfire, Geocity and Tripod. I was one of the official webmaster of Linkin Park’s fans page during 2000. Remain huge interest with web development until today. Nothing too proud about my highschool life, I was only class representative for 5 years, Club President for bowling club and school representative for Chinese Calligraphy, and was famous for burning illegal soundtracks :twisted: Good business back then. Oh I was in a band too! Guitarist and vocalist.


I had two diploma certificates before I graduate from highschool. Then I went to Bond Uni for further studies in Law, but realise that is not my cup of tea. I switched to my current university and pursue a degree in International Business and Marketing. And now pursuing Masters. I was thinking about switching into Creative Industry, that’s where my real passion lies.

I learnt all my web development skills via self-learning. Through countless mistakes and errors. I will not proclaim myself as guru in web development, but I do have the basic neccessary skills. I really enjoy managing websites and writing. Lately, I am into Online Marketing and E-commerce, Social Media, Web2.0 and Wordpress.

Please stop looking at my tits.


I enjoy reading books. I read wide ranges of books. Seth Godin, Dan Brown, Philip Kotler, Robert Kiyosaki and to name a few. I have whole stack of Men’s Health magazine too.

My websites

Created February 2008. I need more flexibility in design and usage, and so I switched to Wordpress and hosted the site myself.

The ultimate gallery for interesting and highly entertaining forwarded emails. Manually chosen and put up site on daily basis. Only quality contents are shown. I get excellent forwarded mails occasionally and I thought it would be nice to share with friends and family. Good things are meant to be shared, and I believe in karma ;-)

Place where I share my own experience in Brisbane. After staying here for many years.

My online clothing store. The site is not officially open yet. I am excited to be entrepreneur myself! Am still working on the store and looking for more designers to work under my company. Our ABN is 63 4522 640 29. (Project Postponed until further notice)

My old blog :) Still accessible though I do not update there anymore.

Now, do you think I am a geek? :mrgreen:

Future plans

I have three  other sites that I planned to work on, I’ll remain silent for those projects. If I were able to pull it off, this might be my career :) and live the internet lifestyle that I’ve been dreaming of. Working while doing something you really enjoy is great. Life is short, enjoy life to the fullest.

Contact Ah Bing

My email is : me [at] ahbing.com

Skype : bingzzzz

MSN : blackflam85 [at] hotmail.com

You could send me quick message here