Brisbane’s Worst Vegetarian Restaurant

November 30, 2008

Like the title says: Brisbane’s Worst Vegetarian Restaurant. This is going to be interesting :)

Last week, we went to Norman Hotel to celebrate the occasion. Normal Hotel self-proclaimed themselves as “Bribane’s Worst Vegetarian Restaurant”. We have no doubt about that. You’ll understand if you continue reading.

Nah… big or not?!

Chuan (my housemate) always keep his radar alert in search of Brisbane’s best steak. First, it was Hog’s Breathe. Their steak was slowly cooked with low heat, approximately 18 hours. I don’t know how to cook it but yea it’s damn long. It takes awhile to serve you though, probably 10-15mins. Then, it was ChaChaChar, a steak restaurant who consequtively received Best Steak Award in Brisbane for consequtive few years.

Then, it’s Norman Hotel. Norman Hotel only serves normal steak.. uhm.. maybe humongous steak. It’s so damn big that you can literally use the steak to bitchslap someone until they pass out. Haha. But yea, we heard this hotel through word-of-mouth, which is the most effective persuading method in marketing point of view.

See? I’ve been studying ok? I can use some terms from my studies! hahaha.

I can’t eat beef due to my religion. My dad will be damn proud of me. SO TEMPTING OKKKKKKK.

This is the biggest steak they offered in their menu. Look at the size…

Seriously, if you use this piece of meat to slap any dead people, they will definitely wake up.

So, which steak is the best? According to Chuan, ChaChaChar is the worst! The meat was tough, wasn’t within their expectation at all. Hog’s Breathe taste a lot better, but the biggest steak still cannot fill his stomach. Norman Hotel has the biggest steak he ever had, and it was juicy and tender. VERY SATISFYING! You pay for what you get.

The biggest steak was $36.00. Eat this once every semester boleh lah.. if not, you will end up sleeping on street.

From left side to right side of table. *deep breath* Chester Bing Anna Eric Chuan AhLong Phoebe PeiLing Joyce KokYan *release breath*

You really took deep breath before reading?

Some random group photos.

AhLong is tai lin ngong (Chuan, 2008)

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1 Anna December 2, 2008 at 8:52 pm

Hahahahahahaha! A very good one, Mr Jian Ping! Great job! =)

2 mat oates August 5, 2009 at 3:38 pm

i Have the biggest steak in brissy @ the moment weighing in @ 1.0 -1.3 kgs its called the tomahawk and it goes on sale on friday i am the first chef in brisbane to stock it it serves 1 or two people i am at ashgrove golf club come and check it out

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